Passive Fire Protection

Passive fire protection is an integral part of a building's fire safety, combating fires by slowing its spread and/or containing it within one part of the building. It can reduce the damage caused by fire, preventing it from being catastrophic, and it can provide much needed time for evacuation.

As standards of safety improve, the need for passive fire protection which complies with contemporary fire safety requirements is rising.

Our Solutions

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SEALz® Fire Collars

Fire & Acoustic Solution produces a wide range of Fire Stopping products and solutions to meet your needs for passive fire protection. Our line of SEALz® Intumescent Products have undergone rigorous R&D to produce the right formulation for every application. Our Fire Collars, Pipe Wraps, and Fire Pillows are low-cost and easy-to-install solutions suited for retro-fitting and new installations alike.

Tested and Proven

Safety is paramount, that is why we test our products and ensure they comply with international standards. Our products are tested by third-party accreditation institutes such as Certifire UK.

SEALz® lntumescent Products have been tested by Warrington Fire Research Centre, CSIRO, PSB-TUV and other international Testing Institutes and comply with the requirements of BS476 part 22 & 31.1 for FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120. For details on other fire-testing, please see individual product pages or contact our sales representatives.