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FIRE & ACOUSTIC SOLUTION specializes in passive fire stopping products, intumescent fire sealing, and acoustic sealing systems for the construction industry. Our products are designed with fire, acoustic, thermal, and weather containment in mind, so you can be assured that SEALz® products and systems will provide an integrated and cost-effective solution.

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We have offices and production facilities in the UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, and China, where we perform the R&D, Production, Sale, Marketing, and Distribution of our products.

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With more than 20 years experience, the company has developed and refined products that meet the stringent requirements in the field of fire safety, quality, production and management standards. Our products have been tested to international standards of safety and are certified by CERTIFIRE UK and other third-party accreditation institutes.




We produce door cores for fire-rated and acoustic doors. Our labour saving innovations enable you to create Fire Doors that meet stringent standards more easily.
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Intumescent fire seals swell into a high pressure foam when exposed to heat, stopping fire from penetrating gaps in your fire doors or other surfaces, making them an integral part of fire protection strategies.
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SEALz® provides a wide range of fire stopping products that are cost effective and easy to integrate into your building's passive protection strategy.
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Our products and brands are built on the pillars of innovative design, technical backup, prompt delivery, and sales service.

We take pride in being your One-Stop Door Solutions Provider.