SEALz® Flex Seals
Diagram showing how SEALz® Intumescent Hardware Pads can be added to a Lockcase and Strikeplate setup
SEALz® Flex Seals can be cut into shape and be used to line the Ironmongery in a door.

SEALz® Flex Seals are suitable for sealing gaps in elements of construction between fire resisting doors, frames, windows, and adjoining walls or around services where they penetrate fire compartments. The seal produces a voluminous intumescent foam in the event of a fire, sealing the air-gap between the door leaves and frames of a fire resisting doorset.

SEALz® Flex Seals are highly flexible, allowing them to be used for many applications where standard rigid intumescent strips would be impractical.

SEALz® Flex Seals are available in a a variety of formulations, shapes, and sizes to suit your needs:

Product Expansion Ratio (approx) Description
Flexiflex C25 25-45x Graphite based. Available in strips.
Flexiflex H20 20x Graphite based. Available in rolls.
Flexisuper C20 20-30x Graphite based. Resistant to air erosion and performs down to -10ºC. Designed to fill gaps up to 300mm in diameter. Available in strips.
Flexipro C10 10x Graphite & Sodium Silicate Based. Resistant to air erosion and emits moisture during intumescence. Available in strips.
LP Flex 100 8x Sodium Silicate Phosphate based. Designed for applications which require a lower pressure. Generates fire-retardant gasses during reaction.

SEALz® Flex Seals are compliant with the requirements of BS476: Parts 20, 22, & 31.1 and BS EN 1634-1.