When soundproofing a room, ordinary doors are often the weak-point, letting in more noise than the surrounding walls. Within this weak-point, the weakest part of the door system are the air gaps between the door and its frame. Sound can pass through these air-gaps easily, without attenuation.

SEALz® Acoustic Seals close up these air gaps, acting as a barrier for sound and dampening any noise that would have passed through the gaps.

Illustration of where the acoustic protection of a door can be improved with SEALz Acoustic Seals, including Drop Seals, Perimeter Seals, Astragal Seals, and Bestwing Seals

SEALz® Acoustic Seals are essential for any acoustic door, ensuring their acoustic attenuation is close or equivalent to the surrounding walls.

By sealing air gaps, they also have the additional benefit of preventing heat transmission and stopping dust and insects from entering the room.