One-Stop Door Solutions

Fire & Acoustic Solutions is the one-stop door solutions provider. We sell everything you need to make a fire-rated or acoustic door, all in one place. As part of this commitment, we have developed high quality cores suitable for making these doors.


SEALz® Fyrepanels are fire-rated cores for lumber doors and door frames. They are comprised of specially treated laminated veneer lumber using a proprietary process. Chemical and material engineering ensure the cores and frames have superior quality, strength, and performance while maintaining fire-resistance.

AUSIN® Door Core

AUSIN® Door Cores are designed to be used as the cores of fire-rated and acoustic doorsets.

Doors with AUSIN® Door Cores as their core use 95% less timber than a regular fire door, making the cores an environmentally friendly product. AUSIN® Door Cores are a certified International Environmental Council Green Label Product.