SEALz® Fire Foam

Installation Example of SEALz® Fire Foam in a Floor Slab JointSEALz® Fire Foam is designed for situations where high flexibility is required during normal operation. The product is composed of a flexible fire retardant open-cell polyurethane foam coated on both sides with SEALz® Graphite Intumescent material which contains special binders to maintain complete flexibility.

SEALz® Fire Foam is highly flexible during normal use and has excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. The Fire Foam is extremely durable and unaffected by atmospheric carbon dioxide or moisture. During a fire, however, the intumescent coating will expand rapidly to produce a high-pressure and volume foam, which replaces the polyurethane foam which is gradually degrades in the heat.

SEALz® Fire Foam complies with the requirements of BS476: Part 20 and other international standards for up to 4 hours fire rating. It is suitable for gaps of up to 100mm have approximately 40% of compression at 9.6 kN/m2.