SEALz® Acoustic Astragal Seal

SEALz® Acoustic Astragal Seals (SAAS) provide an excellent barrier against sound and help ensure that the acoustic attenuation provided by the door is close or equivalent to the wall or partition surrounding it. SEALz® Acoustic Astragal Seals (SAAS) are a meeting stile seal installed on one leaf of double-leaf doors. They seal the gap between the two doors to dampen sound passing into the room.

The SAAS also improves the thermal insulation of the room by preventing heat transmission through the bottom of the door. Additionally, they may also prevent airborne dust and insects from entering the room.

SAAS seals are also available with additional intumescent flex strips (SAAS F Series). The F Series provides additional protection from fire. When triggered by heat between 150°c – 200°c, the intumescent flex expands rapidly, achieving a 20-fold volume expansion ratio, while producing a high pressure and volume foam. This reaction prevents fire, smoke, and fumes from penetrating the doorsmoke and fumes from passing through the gaps between the door and the frame.

SEALz® Acoustic Seals are tested to ASTM E90 and has an acoustic rating of 45dB. F Series Seals are fire tested to BS 476 Part 20 as well as various other International Standards.