SEALz® Intumescent Fire Collar

Diagram of Fire Collar being placed on a pipe.SEALz® Fire Rated Collars are a specially designed, low-profile intumescent collar intended to seal off plastic pipes in the event of a fire, stopping fire from penetrating the gaps left by the plastic pipe.

The collars consist of a preformed steel collar in two parts joined by a hinge and closed with an overcentre toggle clamp. They are suitable for fitting to concrete, masonry, sturdy wall constructions and can be affixed at wall, ceiling, and floor pipes.

The product is impervious to moisture and the steel shell of the closer is protected with a gloss of red paint. Flanges are provided on the collar for fixing purposes.

SEALz® Fire Rated Collars comply with the requirements of BS476: Part 20:1987 and other international standards for up to 4 hours fire rating. The collars are approved for use on PVC, uPVC, and Polypropylene thermally softening pipes.