SEALz Intumescent Fire Seal

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Seals

SEALz® Fire Seals are a new generation of intumescent fire seal designed for use in fire door assemblies which are […]

SEALz® Intugrilles

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Grilles, or Intugrilles, were developed to meet a growing demand for mounted ventilation cores in fire-resistant doors […]

SEALz Fire Draft Seals, including both Single Blade and Twin Blade Designs

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Draft Seals

SEALz® Fire Draft Seals are dual performance seals, combining SEALz® Fire Seals with neoprene blades. The blades enhance the acoustic […]

ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Board

ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Boards

ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Boards are non-combustible boards used to provide passive fire-protection to a building. In addition to being non-combustible, […]