SEALz Concealed Acoustic Drop Seal (F) Series

The FSeries of the SEALz® Concealed Drop Seal, or SCDS(F) is an acoustic seal that provides further protection from fire with the addition intumescent flex strips. Just like a regular SEALz® Concealed Drop Seal, the seal dampens sound waves passing through the bottom of the door, reducing sound transmission into the room. This ensures that the acoustic attenuation provided by a doorset is close or equivalent to the wall or partition surrounding it.

The F-Series includes additional intumescent flex strips. When triggered by heat between 150°c – 200°c, the intumescent strips expand rapidly, achieving a 20-fold volume expansion ratio, while producing a high pressure and volume foam. This reaction prevents fire, smoke, and fumes from passing through gaps between the door and the door frame.

The door seal is installed by inserting the seal into a slot at bottom of the door and fixed with anchoring steel bracket at both ends of the seal. The seal automatically raises and lowers when door is opened and closed by pressure against the door jamb.