ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Board

ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Boards are non-combustible boards used to provide passive fire-protection to a building. In addition to being non-combustible, Calcium Silicate boards are thermally and acoustically insulating, moisture resistant, lightweight, easy to work with, and asbestos-free.

ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Boards are autoclaved, with a highly controlled moisture content. They contain inorganic raw materials, reinforced cellulose fiber, as well as recycled materials. They are a certified International Environmental Council Green Label Product.

The boards are available in a variety of dimensions suitable for purposes such as Fire Doors, Fire-Rated Partitions, Mica-boards for Chimney Walls, and Clean Room Boards.ENVIRO® Calcium Silicate Boards are tested to and comply with the requirements of BS 476 Parts 4,6, and 7 for a fire resistance of 30-120 minutes.

Singapore Green Label (For more information, please visit https://sgls.sec.org.sg/)

Enviro Calcium Silicate Board being used in partition wall.

Calcium Silicate Board in mockup installation