SEALz® Intumescent Fire & Smoke Seals

SEALz® Fire & Smoke Seals combine an intumescent fire seal with an additional cold smoke seal to prevent the flow of cold-smoke prior to the activation of the activation of the intumescent fire seal.

The seals comprise a fire seal, as well as a layer of plastic covered by a silicone-treated high-density brush pile. This addition prevents the flow of cold smoke before the intumescent fire seal is activated.

The Fire & Smoke seal is encased in PVC and is typically rebated into door or door frame of smoke control doors.

Colors that SEALz® Fire Seal are available in: (White, Brown, Red, Black, Grey, & Cream)
SEALz® Fire Seals are available in these colours. Woodgrain is also available. Exact colour may vary.





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