SEALz External Acoustic Drop Seal
Illustration of SEALz External Acoustic Drop Seal being installed on side of door.
Illustration of Typical SEDS installation

The SEALz® External Drop Seal, or SEDS is mounted on the surface-mounted to the face of the door and seals the bottom gap of the door. The SEDS seal design is easy to fit and install on steel and timber doors, and is ideal for recording studios, home cinemas, or meeting rooms.

The seal consists of a lightweight aluminium housing and a black silicone seal, and activates via the adjusting nut of the door, dropping down only when the door is closed, providing high acoustic performance without creating friction on the floor.

SEALz External Acoustic Drop Seal - Light Duty Model
SEDS – Light Duty Model

The seal has been tested to provide up to 35 dB sound reduction and is highly durable, having been tested for 1 million cycles without failure.

In addition, it improves thermal insulation of the room by preventing heat transmission through the bottom of the door and also prevents airborne dust and insects from entering the room.