SEALz Fire Draft Seals, including both Single Blade and Twin Blade Designs

SEALz® Fire Draft Seals are dual performance seals, combining SEALz® Fire Seals with neoprene blades. The blades enhance the acoustic performance of a fire resisting door by sealing air gaps between door leaves and frames, thus heavily dampening any sound which would pass through the door.

In the event of fire, the seals act just as Fire Seals: The intumescent flex reacts and forms a voluminous intumescent foam to seal the air-gap between the door leaves and frames of the fire resisting door.

Fire Draft Seals are available in Single Blade (SB) and Twin Blade (TB) designs.

Colors that SEALz® Fire Seal are available in: (White, Brown, Red, Black, Grey, & Cream)
SEALz® Fire Seals are available in these colours. Woodgrain is also available. Exact colour may vary.





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