SEALz Fire Draft Seals, including both Single Blade and Twin Blade Designs

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Draft Seals

SEALz® Fire Draft Seals are dual performance seals, combining SEALz® Fire Seals with neoprene blades. The blades enhance the acoustic […]

SEALz® Fire Bars

SEALz® Fire Bars

SEALz® Fire Bars are designed for large and complex apertures that require fire barriers. The product is resin bonded, high […]

SEALz® Fire Rated Pillow

SEALz® Fire Rated Pillows

SEALz® Fire Rated Pillows are a low-cost and easy-to-install method for permanently or temporarily sealing fire-walls and floors around penetrations […]

SEALz® Intumescent Pipe Wrap

SEALz® Intumescent Pipe Wraps

SEALz® Fire Rated Pipe Wraps offer a low cost, easily-to-install alternative to metalcased pipe collars and seal off plastic pipes […]