SEALz® Fire Bars

SEALz® Fire Bars are designed for large and complex apertures that require fire barriers. The product is resin bonded, high density mineral fibreboard, coated on both sides with SEALz® Graphite Intumescent material.

SEALz® Fire Bars have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties during ordinary use. During a fire, the intumescent coating will expand rapidly on the side of the flame to produce a high-pressure and volume foam, which prevents the spread of fire and hot gases.

The product is strong but lightweight and can be cut with conventional tools. The bars have a high dimensional-stability and do not warp or shrink under normal conditions. These factors make SEALz® Fire Bars easy to install.

SEALz® Fire Bars are best used as a fire barrier for large apertures which cannot be sealed by conventional building products, such as service ducts and curtain-walling.

SEALz® Fire Bars comply with the requirements of BS476: Part 20: 1987 and other international standards for up to 2 hours fire rating. The bars pose no health risk to the installer.

Material Properties

  • Density: 150 kg/m3
  • Compressibility: <1% at 100 kg/m2
  • Sound: Prevents sound transmission by a minimum of 15 dB
  • Durability: Unaffected by atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Water Vapor