SEALz® Acoustic Bestwing Seals

Bestwing Seals are designed to prevent the transmission of cold smoke and provide acoustic insulation between the door edge and frame. They also provide thermal insulation and prevent dust and insects from entering the room.

Bestwing Seals are made of a co-extruded rigid PVC casing with elastomeric fins, and are cost-effective and easy-to-install via the provided self-adhesive backing for new and retrofitting works alike.

Bestwing Seals are highly durable and maintain their shape and performance after over 1,000,000 cycles. They are also fire tested to BS 476 Part 20 with a FD60s door assembly and acoustics tested to ASTM E90.

They are best used along with acoustic door sets and SEALz® Auto Door-Drop Seals, together achieving a 40dB reduction in sound.

Available in a variety of colours and with a standard length of 2.4m