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SEALZ are specially-formulated intumescent strip which based on exfoliated graphite and adhesives to form a flexible material which permits it to be used for many applications whereas a rigid sodium silicate based strip would be impractical.

Our product is designed to resist degradation by moisture and carbon dioxide. It is environmental friendly, non fibrous, durable and proven in extensive fire test achieving excellent stability, integrity and insulation properties.

Our product consists of 3 different types of intumescent strips. There are Flex, Seal, and Smoke.
1 - At 50c, casing and intumescent strip remains normal
2 - At 100c,casing remains normal and intumescent strip start softening
3 - At 150c, casing starts softening and intumescent strip starts forming
4 - At 250c, casing starts charing and intumescent strip expand rapidly
5 - At 950c, casing charred and intumescent strip expanded fully
6 - At 1200c, casing charred and intumescent strip expansion slow down

SEALZ intumescent strip when triggered by heat, it intumesces rapidly at approximately 140 c where it achieves a 20-fold volume expansion ratio and produces a high pressure and volume foam to prevent the passage of fire, smoke and fumes from spreading to one compartment pf the building to another.
Being independently tested by Warrington Fire Research Centre, CSIRO, Branz and other International Testing Institute, SEALZ products comply with the requirement of BS 476 Part 22-1987 and Part 31.1 etc
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