SEALz® Fyrecore
Fyrepanel Illustration - Core

SEALz® Fyrepanels are specially designed door cores and frames meant for use in Fire-Rated doors. Fyrepanels are comprised of treated laminated veneer lumber.

Chemical and material engineering ensure SEALz® Fyrepanels have superior quality, strength, and performance while maintaining fire-resistance. Fyrecpanels have been tested to and comply with BS-EN 1634 and other international standards. They are available in varieties for doors rated between 30 and 120 minutes fire resistance.

Fyrepanels are sold in shapes and forms meant as both door cores and door frames.

Unlike regular door cores which require the addition of non-combustible panels, Fyrepanels are fire-retardant. This means Fyrepanels can be directly finished and lipped. Fire Doors which use Fyrecores need less steps to manufacture, dramatically reducing the production cost and time needed.

Fire Rating Thickness
FD30 40mm
FD60 46mm
FD90 54mm
FD120 54mm
Fyrepanel Illustration - Frame