AUSIN® Door Core


AUSIN® Door Cores are designed to be used as the cores of fire-rated and acoustic doorsets.

Doors with AUSIN® Door Cores as their core use 95% less timber than a regular fire door, making the cores an environmentally friendly product. AUSIN® Door Cores are a certified International Environmental Council Green Label Product.

AUSIN® Door Cores offer excellent compatibility and are able to be finished with a variety of materials, including paint, timber veneer, steel/stainlesss steel, and laminates, allowing the appearance of the door to be aesthetically enhanced without affecting their fire ratings.

AUSIN® Door Cores are tested to and comply with the requirements of BS 476 Part 20: 22, AS 1530, 55 332 2007 as well as other international standards for 30-120 minutes fire resistance.

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Door made with AUSIN Fire Core, after undergoing Fire Test
Door made with AUSIN Fire Core, after undergoing Fire Test

Door Core Properties

Core Thickness 30mm to 45mm
Dry Density 380kg/m2
Compressive Strength 720kPA
Tensile Strength 1230kPA
Thermal Conductivity 0.10-0.12 W/mk at 24°C
Combustibility Non-combustible
Moisture Content <2%
Contains no asbestos or carcinogen fibers