SEALz® Fyrecore

SEALz® Fyrepanels

SEALz® Fyrepanels are specially designed door cores and frames meant for use in Fire-Rated doors. Fyrepanels are comprised of treated […]

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Collar

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Collar

SEALz® Fire Rated Collars are a specially designed, low-profile intumescent collar intended to seal off plastic pipes in the event […]

Fire & Acoustic Mastic

SEALz® Fire & Acoustic Mastic

SEALz® Fire and Acoustic Mastic is a one part, water-based acrylic mastic which is ideal for this fire and acoustic […]

SEALz® Flex Seals

SEALz® Flex Seals

SEALz® Flex Seals are suitable for sealing gaps in elements of construction between fire resisting doors, frames, windows, and adjoining […]

SEALz Intumescent Fire Seal

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Seals

SEALz® Fire Seals are a new generation of intumescent fire seal designed for use in fire door assemblies which are […]

SEALz® Intugrilles

SEALz® Intumescent Fire Grilles, or Intugrilles, were developed to meet a growing demand for mounted ventilation cores in fire-resistant doors […]

SEALz Intumescent Hardware Pads, custom cut for lockcases, strikeplates, door closers, escutcheons, and other shapes.

SEALz® Intumescent Hardware Pads

SEALz® lntumescent Hardware Pads utilize SEALz® Flex Seals technology and are specially cut and shaped to fit each piece of […]